Surge Arrester - Line Surge Arrester

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Surge arresters protect electrical equipment from overvoltages caused by incoming surges. Overvoltages can be caused by direct or indirect lightning strikes, electromagnetic pulses, electrostatic discharges, or device switching. Some overvoltages are very powerful. The surge current is diverted through the arrester, usually to earth. Depending on the application, different surge arrester types are needed for effective overvoltage protection.

Line Surge Arresters

Surge arresters on high-risk power lines help protect the network and increase system reliability. Siemens surge arresters are ideal for this application due to their lightweight, high strength, and safety features.

Siemens provides two solutions for line surge arresters:
Non-gapped line arresters (NGLA)

Non-gapped line surge arresters (NGLA) provide unparalleled mounting flexibility and operational reliability. These arresters can be installed directly on the insulators or on the tower, depending on the design of the tower. NGLAs keep overvoltages within the insulator’s withstand voltage range.

Externally gapped line arresters (EGLA)

Siemens Energy EGLA line surge arresters reduce the ground fault current from several kA to a few amps and extinguish the arc within 10 milliseconds, eliminating the need for circuit breaker operation at both line ends. When lightning strikes, the spark gap in series with the active part of the line surge arrester galvanically isolates it from the line voltage under normal conditions.

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