About Us

POWERCAP ELECTRIC SDN. BHD. is an established and growing company focusing on Utility Substation, Industry, Commercial, Railway, Power Generation, Renewable Energy markets. Established since year 1990 and providing the best customer experience are our drivers to maintaining long-term relationships with our customers based upon the professionalism and commitment of our staffs.

We offer comprehensive services from consultancy through systems development and integration to applications management, implementation and support. Our policy is to provide our customers with high quality cost effective solutions.

We have strategic partnerships with all the industry leaders, offering unrivalled access to the latest technology and skills. We work with suppliers who have a proven track record of competitive, high quality product delivery. However, we remain vendor independent to ensure that we always provide customers with the most appropriate solutions for their needs.

Our nature of business has been led by successfully supplied, installed, tested & commissioned; Furthermore, provides a reliable service maintenance of:

  • Power / Energy monitoring and harmonic analysis.
  • Power factor correction Board & its accessories (Capacitor Banks, Automatic PF regulator, Harmonic Reactors), for LV, MV and HV. We can solve the penalty problems (Penalti P.F. Rendah) on TNB electricity bill.
  • We can provide a replacement equivalent to the Power Transducers (I, V, Hz, PF, KW, Var, Kwh, Kvarh), Energy Meters – Kwh/ Kvarh Meter (Class 0.5 & 0.2) . Supplied by your BAS, IBMS or Intelligent Building system Suppliers and Temperature monitoring unit/controller for Cast Resin transformer motors and Generator sets.
  • We can Install / Replace / Calibrate the following, Numeric/Digital Protection relay, Earth fault, Overcurrent, Capacitors _ LV,MV & HV, Motor, Generators, Transformers ,Thermal, Auto re-closing & Synchrocheck, Auto Synchronizing & Load sharing control, Busbar and feeder Differential Relay, Voltage and Frequency Relay, Application Software.
  • Capacitor for:
    • Induction Heating and Melting equipment, we offer Medium & High Frequency Water-Cooled Capacitors
    • Line frequency (50/60Hz) capacitors for induction furnaces.
    • Water-cooled Capacitors can also be thermal, electrical and over-pressure cut-off protection, to comply with requirements of IEC – 60110, IS -9521, VDE-0560, BS-5750, and C-54102.
    • Transient Surge Suppressor for MV motors and Transformers.
  • We undertake service and maintenance for Air, Oil and Vacuum circuit Breaker, Main Generator Set board, Transformer (oil, temperature Relay), Fuse Link for RMU or Load break switch.

With 30 years of experience in these fields, we are acknowledged as a reliable and trustworthy partner in these highly specialised industries. Regardless of whether we are tasked with specialist assignments; our team of highly trained professionals in electrical, electronic, power engineering fields will provide you with the highest quality of customer care.

Experienced on:

  • Primary (Transmission & Distribution)
  • Secondary/ Tele-control (Transmission & Distribution)
  • Transmission Line Equipment
  • Industries (Steel & Aluminium Foundry/ Oil& Gas/ Railway)


Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking different. 
The way we challenge stand, is by serving your needs with the best customer experience.
We happen to have the best products and supports in the market, and with this we aim to be the leading one stop supplier & integrator in the specialized fields, whilst delivering the most ethical solutions and services to aid your project.


  • Establishing goodwill & trustworthy partnerships with clients.
  • Working with leaders with the best technological solutions to enhance our clients’ overall experience.
  • Provide High Quality & Cost-Effective Solutions.

Primary [Transmission & Distribution]:

  • AAC Conductor
  • Aerial Bundle Cable [ABC]
  • Aluminium Tubular busbar
  • Capacitor Bank
  • Circuit Breaker (up to 500kV)
  • Connector & Clamps _ up to 500kV, Line Fittings
  • Disc Insulator
  • Earthing Systems (Electrode, Rod & Joint etc.)
  • Hydro Electric Turbine
  • Isolator / Disconnectors _ Indoor up to 36kV & Outdoor up to 500kV (Double & Vertical Break)
  • Instrument Transformer [CT, VT, CVT, IVT], Medium & High-Voltage
  • Line Drop Out Fuse (33kV & 11kV)
  • Line Outdoor Dip Free System
  • Lightning / Surge Arrester (together with surge counter, range up to 500kV)
  • Marshalling Kiosk
  • Neutral Earthing Equipment [NEE], Neutral Earthing Resistor [NER], Medium Voltage Isolator & Current Transformer
  • Oil Immersed Power Transformer _ up to 240MVA
  • Post Insulator [PI] (Porcelain & Polymeric _ up to 500kV)
  • Reactors (Air & Iron Core [Furnace, Harmonic, SRC etc.])
  • Steel Structure (Lattice, Tubular, Poles)
  • Safety Equipments
  • Transformer Bushing OIP (Oil Immersed) & RIP (Resin Impregnated) & RIS (Resin
  • Impregnated Paper-Synthetic)
  • Underground Cable (Cable & Accessories from 132kV

Secondary/Telecontrol [Transmission & Distribution]:

  • Alarm Annunciator
  • Battery & Battery Charger
  • Control Relay Protection Panel [CRPP]
  • Disturbance Fault Recorder [DFR]
  • Electrical Testing Instrument & Measuring Equipment, Harmonic, Electrical Energy & Power Quality Analyzer, etc.
  • Ethernet Switches
  • Industrial Computer
  • Internet of Things [IOT]
  • Low Voltage AC Panel [LVAC]
  • Metering (Power Quality Metering, Digital Power Meter, Energy Meter – Kwh/ Kvarh Meter (Class 0.5 & 0.2)
  • Partial Discharge [PD] Monitoring System
  • Programmable Transducers & Signal Transmitters
  • Protection Relays
  • Remote Terminal Unit [RTU], Feeder Terminal Unit [FTU]
  • Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition [SCADA gateway]
  • Selector Switch, Indicator Lamp
  • Substation Time Server [STS]
  • Station DC System
  • Station Level Operator Interface [SLOI]
  • Temperature Controls & Sensors
  • xMU (Analog Merging Unit [AMU], Phasor Monitoring Unit [PMU])

Industries & Commercial (Railway, Traction, Oil & Gas, Steel/Aluminium foundry):

  • Active Filter
  • Braking Resistor
  • Busbar / Busduct (LV, MV, HV, Insulated) _ up to 145kV
  • Cable Tray
  • Capacitor Bank(LV, MV, HV) , Surge Capacitors, Static Var Compensator / Generator [SVC, SVG]
  • Cast Resin Transformer (Power & Distribution)
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Connection for Aircraft on the ground
  • Contactor (MV , Vacuum _ up to 11kV)
  • DC Switchgear
  • DC Protection Relay
  • AC & DC Ultra Line Relay
  • Exhaust Fan (for Tunnel)
  • Exothermic Welding
  • Grounding / Earthing Equipment
  • Industrial Cabinets & Enclosures
  • Industrial Plugs & Sockets Outlet
  • Interlocks
  • MV Fuse Link & bases _ up to 36kV
  • Medium Voltage Indoor & Outdoor Current Transformer [MV CT], Voltage Transformer [MV VT] _ up to 72.5kV
  • Plastic Enclosures & Boxes
  • Power Converters
  • Power Electronics (Active Harmonic Filters [AHF])
  • Plasma (Torch, Ignition)
  • Safety Equipments
  • Soft Starter (LV & MV)
  • Thermal Sensor & Controller
  • Thyristor Switch for Steel Oven
  • Traction System
  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD)