The Smartlinkä Series 5000 (Copy3) (Copy6)

The Smartlinkä Series 5000 provides reliable and cost effective 2-way communications for automated fault reporting from Fisher Pierce Series 1548 radio FCIs. The unit provides flexible reporting of permanent and temporary (optional) fault conditions.

The Series 5000 uses technology from Telemetric to communicate over digital or analog cellular data networks. The secure web-based application displays the device data which can be queried or polled remotely. A variety of user specified fault alarms can be configured to notify a designated person of a reported event by email, pager, or text message.

The unit will immediately report alarm conditions including: permanent fault on any phase, phase status, fault cleared with status by phase, over- or under-voltage set points on control power phase, and low battery alarm.

Vacuum Recloser

Reports fault alarms from up to (4) radio FCIs
Uses local RF signal
Radio FCIs can be up to 100′ from the RTU
Immediate reporting of alarm conditions
Momentary fault data reporting
Ensures optimal cellular coverage flexibility
Web based application software or Telemetric’s SCADA Xchangeä software allows user to query status points at any time
Low battery alarms are sent automatically