Shunt Power Capacitors

Shunt Power Capacitors, also commonly referred to as Capacitor Banks, are electrical devices used to improve the power factor in electrical systems. They work by storing and releasing electrical energy as needed to balance reactive power in the system. This helps to optimize energy efficiency and reduce energy costs in industrial and commercial applications. Shunt Power Capacitors are often installed in parallel with the electrical load, allowing them to compensate for lagging reactive power and improve overall system performance.

1. Substation Capacitor Banks:

In substations, capacitor banks play a crucial role in power factor correction and voltage regulation. They are typically deployed to improve the overall efficiency of the electrical grid and maintain voltage levels within acceptable limits. Substation capacitor banks are often larger and more robust to handle the power demands of the entire substation and are strategically placed to optimize the distribution of reactive power.

Metal-Enclosed Capacitor Banks

Eaton’s extensive lineup of metal-enclosed capacitor banks within the Cooper Power series offers a compact and eco-conscious solution. These designs are customizable to suit specific customer requirements, and their utilization not only decreases system losses and CO2 emissions but also enhances power quality, efficiency, safety, and dependability.

Main Features: 
  • Only requires one connection to the power system
  • Livefront and deadfront enclosures available
  • Current-limiting fuses to provide maximum safety in the event of a component failure
  • Easy relocation for short-term projects (suitable for indoor, outdoor and underground installations)
  • Enclosure provides a barrier, making the system less susceptible to animal- and pollution-related outages
  • Can be painted to blend into surrounding environment


Used in manufacturing, commercial spaces, data centers, and more.


Open Air Capacitor Banks

Eaton offers a wide range of open-air bank solutions within the Cooper Power series, available in externally fused, fuseless, or internally fused designs. Each design can be customized to suit various needs, including kvar requirements, system voltage, protection strategies, and system solutions, by offering a diverse range of parallel and series combinations. Open-air banks offer cost-effective and dependable methods to minimize power losses and enhance power quality.

Main Features:
  • Unfused (SD, HD, XDC, XDB, XDH, Wildfire Mitigation) or internally fused units
  • Available with units mounted vertically, horizontally or flat, based on installation conditions
  • Robust lightweight welded aluminum welded frame delivering a high strength, light weight and corrosion resistant solution. (galvanized steel optional)
  • Frame-integrated lifting provisions
  • Externally fused banks available with expulsion or current limiting fuses connected to each unit
  • Compact relay protected fuseless banks utilizing series string configuration
  • Station-class bus support insulators


Used in various industries, including manufacturing, commercial buildings, and utilities.


Pole-Mounted Capacitor Banks

Eaton’s Cooper Power series provides versatile pole-mounted capacitor bank solutions that can be customized to align with customer-specific applications. This tailored capacitor bank package delivers a range of system enhancements, including enhanced power factor, increased system capacity availability, reduced losses, stabilized voltage, improved power distribution, and economic savings.

Main Features:
  • Lightweight high strength aluminum alloy frame (Galvanized steel available upon request)
  • Scalable packaged solution for mounting of 3 – 12 capacitor units
  • Offered in both fixed or switched configurations; available with vacuum- and oil-insulated switches
  • Wildlife protection provided on all energized terminals and conductors
  • Controller and control strategy available including zero voltage closing capabilities
  • Bank frames provided with tin-plated parallel groove connectors to provide bank ground connection point
  • Free-standing bank frames include integral lifting provision to support weight distribution during installation


Perfect for outdoor use, like rural areas, distribution networks, and remote locations that need power correction.


2. Single Unit Capacitor Banks:

Single-unit or standalone capacitor banks are used in various applications, both in industrial and commercial settings. These compact capacitor banks are designed for specific load correction or power factor improvement needs at individual facilities. They can be customized in terms of capacity and configuration to meet the unique requirements of the equipment or systems they are supporting. Single-unit capacitor banks are more localized and can be installed closer to the load they are intended to benefit.