Low Votage Transformer

  • Up to 1,2 kv in a Plastic Housing or Cast Resin Insulated
  • Wound Primary C. T.
  • Summation C. T.
  • Window C. T.
  • Multi-Range C. T.
  • C. T. for Measuring Purpose
  • Voltage Transformer
  • Window Type C. T. for High Current
  • Split Core Types for Earth fault Protection
  • Laboratory Current and Voltage Transformers
  • Damping Inductance Devices against Ferroresonance
  • Auxiliary C. T.
  • C. T. for Switch Fuses
  • Tube Type C. T.
  • Split-Core C. t.
  • 3-Phase C. T.
  • C. T. for Bill / Tariff Metering

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