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For more than 30 years, Powercap Electric have provided exemplary service to our valued customers in the Electrical and Electronics industry. Throughout the years, we have supported customers across the globe and presently focus more on the regions of Asia and Oceania. Furthermore, we deliver solutions and services for the products as the exclusive agent working with the auspices of the Siemens Group which has been the centre of excellence force with a ca. 170 years of foundational growth since 1847.

we have supported customers across the globe and presently focus more on the regions of Asia and Oceania. Furthermore, we deliver solutions and services for the products as the exclusive agent working with the auspices of the Halma PLC; a British global group of safety equipment companies that makes products for hazard detection and life protection and has been a historical foundation of ca. 120 years of growth since 1894.

Surge arresters protect electrical equipment from overvoltages caused by incoming surges. Overvoltages can be caused by direct or indirect lightning strikes, electromagnetic pulses, electrostatic discharges, or device switching. Some overvoltages are very powerful. The surge current is diverted through the arrester, usually to earth. Depending on the application, different surge arrester types are needed for effective overvoltage protection.

High-voltage surge arresters

Siemens offers three different designs for high-voltage station surge arresters for the protection of substation equipment for applications up to 1200 kV

Product Range:

3EL product family – Surge arresters with directly moulded silicone rubber housing, Cage Design™

3EQ product family – Surge arresters with silicone housing, composite hollow core design

3EP product family – Surge arresters with porcelain housing Siemens provides each of these types in several versions, making it possible to find the optimal surge arrester for every conceivable application.

Main features: High mechanical stability for support applications and for use in regions with high seismic activity, such as coastal and desert regions or areas with extreme air pollution. All three surge arrester product families feature a superior sealing system that reliably prevents moisture ingress from water and other fluids.

3EL – Surge arresters with directly molded silicone rubber housing, Cage Design™

Siemens’ Cage Design arresters are among the mechanically strongest polymer arresters available on the market. They ensure minimal use of material and very low weight. No excess pressure will develop in the case of an overload or the rare event of an arrester short circuit.

Long service life
Silicone is the only polymeric material that maintains its hydrophobicity
throughout its lifetime: Water and pollution do not form a continuous conductive film on its surface. This reduces surface currents and the risk of a flashover, especially in polluted and coastal environments.

The 3EL series of surge arresters covers a wide range of common installation requirements. They are ideal for the protection of switchgear, transformers, and other equipment in high-voltage systems. Mechanically strong enough to meet common mechanical requirements and with sheds resistant to damage from transport, installation, storms, earthquakes, and vandalism.

3EQ product family – surge arresters with silicone housing, composite hollow core design

Siemens’ 3EQ surge arresters are the perfect choice for the replacement of existing post insulators in substations of up to 800 kV. The combination of silicone rubber and fibreglass-reinforced hollow core also allows an enormous load carrying capacity for the structure.

A reliable, sturdy, and economical choice
Siemens 3EQ composite hollow core design surge arresters are virtually indestructible. They are shatterproof and retain at least 75 percent of their mechanical strength even after pressure relief. The silicone rubber insulation is ideal for outdoor applications in severe environmental conditions.

Reduced space requirements
3EQ surge arresters can be mounted directly over a transformer to support connectors without any danger to neighbouring equipment. Their unique composite hollow core design ensures maximum stability, even if an arrester should »blow out« after overloading. Pressure relief is absolutely reliable – there is no danger to equipment in the direct vicinity.

Longevity and reliability
Silicone rubber housings of 3EQ surge arresters provide the best possible long-life performance. They make use of all the advantages of vulcanizing silicone rubber sheds onto an FRP hollow core. Silicone rubber protects against snow, sandstorms, ozone, high-level UV radiation, sea salt, soot and acid rain.

Siemens 3EQ surge arresters meet the highest mechanical demands and are shatterproof. They are ideal for use in areas with heavy seismic activity or extremely high wind loads. These arresters can be installed close to costly system components, making them virtually indestructible.

3EP – surge arresters with porcelain housing

Siemens’ 3EP porcelain-housed surge arresters are the ideal choice for high mechanical performance. Surge arresters ensure maximum protection in an overload situation. High tensile strength of FRP rods is used to hold the arrester’s MO blocks in place tightly.

Thanks to their high degree of safety and reliability, Siemens 3EP porcelain-housed surge arresters can be installed in close proximity to costly system components. 3EP composite hollow core design arresters are virtually indestructible during transportation, installation, storms, and earthquakes, and they are immune to vandalism.

Product Range for High-voltage Surge Arrester

The following selection table shows the main technical data of the different product lines. Detailed technical data is listed in the sections for each dedicated product line.
The table below shows an overview of the typical minimum rated voltage for the surge arrester, depending on the highest voltage and grounding of the system.

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